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Carlomagno Producciones was born at a meeting, Brussels 2011, near the Boulevard Charlemgane, the first European king. The spirit of the street name matched our goals, so we borrowed it. We are a European communication agency registered in Madrid, with professionals in Barcelona and since 2014 a delegation in Berlin. We do communication for media, companies and institutions, preferably in an international and multicultural context.

Our roots are in journalism, and we apply journalistic tools to create our transmedia and mainly audiovisual contents. In Carlomagno, we network with determination and enthusiasm with the best professionals.

We like the world, with a fondness towards Europe, our home. We love its diversity and we stress the importance of each of its regions and cultures. We want to connect them through our work in media and institutions, and through events and our business consulting activity.

CMP developes communication strategies with a local and simoultaneously global vision. We produce the audiovisual contents which are necessary to make the best out of your image and to improve your companie's visibility. We give you the advice to take that image into other countries. Because 500 million people belong to the European Single Market. We want to use it's advantages actively without being holded back by different mentalities or languages.

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Some of our partners

MediaTotal, Berlin          Noraktrad, Madrid          Teqtra, Barcelona