Helping to build bridges

Internationalization is the goal of many companies across Europe, especially necessary for southern economies. Carlomagno Producciones uses its Berlin delegation and European-oriented character to help companies to arrive in Germany: We decide together with you if to organize an event in Berlin or a campaign all over Germany, we produce a clip or the German version of your website.

Our aim is to connect companies and their target audience. Among regions and different mentalities. Carlomagno Producciones introduces different visions and diverse realities, bring together different ways of understanding the world. Communicate, in short.

CMP helps companies to take advantage of the EU: we belong to a single market of 500 million people, without borders, without tariffs, with few bureaucratic obstacles.

Just contact us. We call you back and start working for you.

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The Video

20 years ago, the European Single Market was created. In this video, we explain the advantages it brought to all of us and specially to the Small and Medium sized Enterprises.